6 Popular Eau de Parfum Fragrances You’llAdore

The fragrance you choose to wear speaks volumes about you. Whether you're looking for something bright and uplifting, or more sensual and sophisticated, there are plenty of options to discover from the world's best perfume brands. When shopping for a new scent, it's important to consider your daily routine and the occasions you'll be wearing the perfume for so that it matches perfectly. Often, the smell of a perfume can change depending on the weather and your body's chemistry, so it is essential to test out the scents you are interested in at the counter before purchasing a full-size bottle.

If you're looking to lighten up, a fruity or floral scent may be right for you. Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey is the perfect choice for a sunny day, with notes of nectarine, cassis, honey and peach that will instantly make you feel like a spring morning. If you're a fan of the intense, dark oud perfumes, try Myriad from Louis Vuitton. This fragrance expertly balances this notoriously heavy and complex ingredient with rose, saffron, white musk and cocoa for a perfume that's intense but still refreshing.

Hugo Boss perfume is a workwear staple and one of the most popular perfume brands in the world. You can never go wrong with their signature scents, such as Hugo Boss Big Hugo Deep Red that combines a vibrant splash of citrus with luscious notes of orange flower, jasmine and hyacinth. Another favorite is the more floral, yet equally energizing Hugo Boss Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, which offers a calming combination of lotus, freesia and osmanthus.

When it comes to evening fragrances, Tom Ford's Black Orchid is an opulent and alluring scent with its blend of black truffle, orchid and patchouli. For a more subtle option, try Roberto Cavalli Paradiso or Nero Assoluto.

Thierry Mugler perfume is as glamorous and sexy as the brand itself, with scents that exude confidence and a daring sense of femininity. Embrace your sensual side with Alien, a heady bouquet of white florals, or try the more subtle and warm Toujours Moi with notes of vanilla and basil.

Stella McCartney is a modern, playful perfume brand with an array of bubbly and youthful scents that are perfect for casual days. Try the giddy Stella Pop, which is a burst of bubblegum with a mix of frangipani, tuberose and violet.

Fragrance isn't the only thing that can elevate your look, check out these stylish scented accessories to match. You'll love these gorgeous bottles that will make a statement at home or on the go. This season is the perfect time to invest in a new perfume, as fragrances tend to last longer during colder temperatures and don't evaporate as quickly on your skin. The scents will also last longer on your skin if you moisturize before application. For more tips on finding your perfect scent, read our article How to Apply Perfume Like a Pro.

In the world of fragrances, there are endless possibilities to discover your perfect match. Scents can elicit the memories of a beloved person or place, transport you to a different time, or simply linger and infuse your skin with a sensual feeling. But with so many options and a variety of scents, it can be hard to narrow down your search. Luckily, perfumers are always releasing new fragrances to give your sense of smell an upgrade. From florals to fruity, woody to sweet, these 6 Popular Eau de Parfum Fragrances You?llAdore are sure to turn heads on your next date night or brunch with friends.

Perfumes are often the first impression that people make on you, so it?s important to find the right scent to showcase who you are. You want a perfume that matches your personality and can be worn in any situation. Luckily, the best perfume brands are always releasing incredible scents that suit all of our moods. The most popular perfumes of 2023 include perfumes that are bold, elegant, or a little bit quirky to reflect your unique style.

For a classic fragrance with a touch of the unexpected, try YSL La Vie Est Belle or Lancome Tresor. These eau de parfum (EDP) fragrances are bolder than eau de toilette (EDT) fragrances, with a higher concentration of perfume oils that last longer on your skin.

Tommy Hilfiger is another classic perfume brand, with fragrances like Pop Bluebell capturing the essence of classic American youth culture. For a perfume that leans towards the feminine end of the spectrum, try Tommy Girl or True Star, with notes of honeysuckle, rose, and lemon sparking their own fireworks of freshness. If you love a more sophisticated, elegant fragrance, then look no further than Black Orchid from Chanel. This rich scent with hints of teakwood, jasmine, and black truffle is luxurious and timeless.

If you love sweet perfumes, consider Viva La Juicy Sucre from Juicy Couture. This sugary sweet perfume is everything you want to eat in a bottle: think peach, white flowers, and vanilla ice cream with a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder.

A great winter scent is hard to come by, but luckily, the best perfume brands are always releasing amazing fragrances that smell just as good on your skin as they do in the bottle. Look for a perfume that contains ingredients like musk, coconut, and tonka bean for a warm and sensual fragrance that can be worn during the colder months. Alternatively, you can try Zara Sand Desert at Sunset or Angels’ Share by Kilian for an aromatic scent that feels cozy and indulgent.